Things are really happening

It’s been another busy week with lots of activity and discussions around what’s happening for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2016.

The idea of attempting some official world records has created a storm!! Apparently there have been so many applications for the multi-site record that colleagues at the Guinness World Records have now asked that applications stop and that we, Nutrition and Hydration Week, put in one application to include everyone. We have been hastily contacting people in person, via a newsletter and on the website to let them know. For more information check out

We will be sharing more information over the next couple of weeks but a huge thank you to everyone. Your support is truly amazing.

I have also had a really helpful chat with some colleagues around what we could do for our 2016 Chef Event. Now this is a bit of a Nutrition and Hydration Week tradition and is something that I personally love being involved with. I think I am probably a frustrated chef at heart……

We so frequently hear and read the negative stories around the standard and quality of the meals served across health and social care and, whilst I agree that there are some areas that really could do better, I believe we also have some of the most amazing chefs in the sector. So for me the Nutrition and Hydration Week Chef Event is an opportunity to shine a light on some of the best.

We have some really great ideas for this event and I am hoping to get some firm plans together next week but why not have a look at what we have done in previous years. This is from 2014 but I think my favourite is the 2015 event – it was slightly bonkers!!!

I have also had some really great conversations with different campaigns and companies who are all looking to link into and support Nutrition and Hydration Week 2016. We are hoping that new learning materials and a range of different resources will be available but are just waiting final confirmation – as soon as we have any information to share it will be on the website.

I hope you have noticed the special offer that is available for some great learning resources – The Nutrition Game and The Dysphagia Game – you can get a pretty good discount if you purchase them before the end of Nutrition and Hydration Week –

A final plea – please let us know what your plans are so that we can share them with your colleagues –  this is a great way of inspiring others to get involved and we all know who really benefits.

Huge thank you for all of your support

Caroline Lecko


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