So what’s new?

Last week was busy week and we had lots of great news which I thought I would share.

The week started with a meeting with colleagues at Hospitality House who will be hosting our Nutrition and Hydration Week 2016 Chef Event. We will be spending the 7th March with the students currently involved the NVQ Professional Healthcare Cookery qualification pilot. The students will be nearing the end of the course so we will definitely be having a celebration!!!

To add to this the event will be filmed by the Barnet & Southgate Media students – which I hope will be a great experience for them.

I hope this will be an amazing event which we can share with you all during Nutrition and Hydration Week.

We have also been contacted by several organisations that are offering free training and resources for Nutrition and Hydration Week – this is brilliant as it really supports our commitment to on-going education for everyone. Watch out for information in our newsletters and on the website.

Continuing the learning theme I will hosting a WebEx session with our colleagues at Mouth Care Matters. The session will provide you with the opportunity to hear about a project that is aimed at improving oral hygiene for hospital patients – good oral hygiene is an essential if we are going to encourage people to eat and drink.

The WebEx will be held on Thursday 17th March from 09.00 – 10.00. You will need to register to join this event which you can do now at Once you are registered I will be sending out joining information – really hope that you can join us.

Finally we, the Nutrition and Hydration Week team, had a great face to face meeting last Friday to talk all things Nutrition and Hydration Week. Why was this so brilliant – well we actually rarely get together……….. We normally only never have our ‘meetings’ over the phone once we have finished the day job!!!

We have decided to streamline how people can contact us. So if you want to pledge your support, register for regular email updates, contact us or share information and photos we have one point of contact –

Thanks so much for all of  your support






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