Case Studies

We are starting to receive some great case studies which we thought you would find inspiring so decided to share them.

Colleagues at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust have developed a short training video which highlights the role of Protected Mealtimes  in improving nutritional care – – we think it’s great


3 thoughts on “Case Studies

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  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    My story is as a direct result in my twin sister who is a nurse (she thought she knew what was wrong) saying to me that our Uncle John needed help, and I was the only one in the family who he would listen to. He had swollen legs and feet is 82 years old and lives alone.
    I thought he had dementia but after a visit to the GP he had an infection and his protein levels were very very low as he was not eating properly. He needed to eat fish, meat cheese etc for at least 4 weeks almost three times a day to help his legs to go down.
    It took Uncle John 3 weeks to get better and he is now going to bed, walking to the shops and is back to normal. He now understands about eating properly instead of cakes etc as at his age it was a lot easier just to eat cake. I also told him to drink more which would help his kidneys.
    A lot of people don’t know what a lack of protein does to the body (myself included). Everyone needs a little more education.
    Uncle John is now fit and well and I pop in each week to check on him as he lives alone. The good news is he doesn’t have Dementia and is still happy to live on his own with no swollen feet or legs.
    I hope this story helps to spread the word about eating properly.
    Thanks Jane

    • Dear Jane
      Thank you for sharing your story. We hope that through the awareness raising we are trying to do people will have a greater understanding of the importance of good nutrition and hydration.
      Thanks so much for sharing your story and we are pleased to hear that your uncle is on the mend.

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