Updates following Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017

Hungarian Dietetic Association

Colleagues at the Hungarian Dietetic Association have shared a summary of their  activities for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017 – Summary_2017_Hungarian Dietetic Association

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

After a really successful week colleagues at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board have shared a post event summary of the week with us ……    read here

Events for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017

We would love to hear your plans for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017 so that we can share them and inspire others.

  • Tetley hosting afternoon tea at The Hawthorns Retirement and Care Home, Aldridge
  • On Wednesday 15th March, Tetley will be hosting an afternoon tea event at The Hawthorns Retirement and Care Home, Aldridge, for residents, as part of the Worldwide Afternoon Tea initiative. The Hawthorn’s Head Chef and Tetley Brand Ambassador for the care channel, Martin McKee will be creating a delicious afternoon tea spread, suitable for the different dietary needs of the residents, to be enjoyed with Tetley’s scrumptious blends; with the leader of the Tetley Tea Folk, Gaffer also making a special appearance!


  • Care Home Catering
  • Colleagues at Care Home Catering have shared their amazing plans for Nutrition and Hydration Week which they are doing in collaboration with Care UK.
  • Care Home Catering to join Care UK residents on a regional railway tour for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017   It’s all aboard as Care Home Catering prepares to join residents and staff at Care UK’s Bowes House in Hailsham, East Sussex on a ‘virtual railway journey’ around the UK. Each lunchtime, as the luxury Pullman train stops at stations up and down the country, passengers will be treated to a regional speciality as part of this year’s Nutrition and Hydration Week celebrations.The culinary rail tour will depart from Brighton station on Monday 13th March, when residents will be served Roast Belly of Sussex Pork with a Sussex cider sauce. Next stop will be Plymouth station on Tuesday, with a traditional South West speciality of Cornish Pasty.The train will reach Wales on Wednesday, stopping in Cardiff for a Chicken, Leek and Prune Crumble; then it’s on to Edinburgh for the popular Scottish dish of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.Heading back down south through the North East of England on Friday, we’ll be enjoying Geordie Pan Haggerty with Cornbeef when the train stops at Newcastle; while at Skegness on Friday it’s a chance to partake of the East of England speciality, Pie, Mash and Liquor.The regional journey comes to an end at Kings Cross station in London on Sunday 19th March, with a traditional British lunch of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings.A juicy ‘Mocktail of the Day’ will keep everyone hydrated during the trip, and residents will be entertained by classic railway-themed films such as The Railway Children, Brief Encounter and Murder on the Orient Express. Head Chef Marc Beckett is looking forward to leading the first class steward service on board and Activity Co-Ordinator Martin Palfreyman is polishing his guard’s whistle!“Our residents enjoyed last year’s ‘virtual Mediterranean cruise’ so much we decided to continue the luxury travel theme for this year’s Nutrition and Hydration Week,” says Bowes House Home Manager Helena Barrow. “Between them Marc and Martin have come up with a fabulous itinerary that takes in some of the country’s tastiest regional specialities. I can’t wait to hear residents reminisce about the Golden Age of Travel and their favourite foods from around the UK.”


  • Knollcrest Lodge in South Western Ontario
  • Here at Knollcrest Lodge in South Western Ontario we are having a pre celebration event with a Chili Cook Off/ Sport Jersey Day where staff at our Long Term Care Home can donate $5 to support their favorite sports team and sample 5 wonderful pots of Chili to vote for their favorite. The weather is cooperating with the Chili event by snowing.
    Tuesday we are doing display Boards promoting the importance of Proper Hydration to all Residents, Guest and Staff.
    Wednesday is our version of the World Tea Party which has a “Happy Birthday Canada Theme” We are featuring scones with Lemon Curd I was gifted in Liverpool while at the HCA conference and saved for this special occasion.
    Friday we are having a special St Patrick’s Bar Day with green cocktails, smoothies and snacks.


  • The Pennine Acute Hospitals
  • Activities will be ongoing throughout the week, as part of this global event, promoting the benefits of good nutrition and hydration for both staff and patients.
  • Summary of EventsMonday’s Big Breakfast – selected wards will be able to offer patient’s a cooked breakfast to maximise their nutritional intake. Staff will be able to try different options in the staff restaurants including a healthy kedgeree.Tuesday’s Supper Snacks – patients will be offered simple bedtime snacks and nourishing drinks, from ward provisions to break the hunger gap between their evening meal and next days breakfast.Wednesday’s Afternoon Tea – All wards will offer scones, cream and jam with mid afternoon drinks.Thursday’s Thirsty Thursday – Staff will be encouraged to stay hydrated with free bottles of water available in the staff restaurants.Friday’s Fruity – melon balls will be supplied to wards to promote alternative methods of ensuring patients stay hydrated, watery fruit can contribute to fluid intake particularly in patients who are reluctant to drink.Friday will also be fishy, alternative healthy fish dishes containing oily fish will be available in the staff restaurants


  • The Beeches (Signature)
  • At The Beeches we are holding a world food event on the 15th March at 3pm. Staff from The Beeches are going to make food from their own countries and present it to the residents, along with information about traditional food and drink. The countries featured will be Philippines, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, England, Bulgaria, African & Romanian.
    We will forward pictures after the event.


  • South Lodge (Signature)
  • Mon 13th March
  • MACARON MONDAY EVENT  – come and sample different flavour varieties of our macarons and learn about the history of them
  • Tues 14th MarchTODAY IS TEMPTING TUESDAY – COME AND JOIN US FOR OUR WINE TASTING EVENT 11am Come and join Laura in the Activity Room for an “English Wine Presentation and Wine Sampling” with Liz from Rothley Winery
  • Wed 15th MarchTODAY IS WOBBLY WEDNESDAY – COME AND JOIN US FOR OUR JELLY TASTING SESSION TODAY 2.30pm Come and join Sabera and volunteer Kowshika in the Reception Area for our jelly tasting session this afternoon –come and see which is your favourite flavour
  • Thurs 16th  MarchTODAY IS TEMPE THURSDAY – COME AND JOIN US TO SAMPLE THIS NEW HEALTHY PRODUCT 11am Come and join Laura and our visitor Shelly in the Activity Room for Tempe tasting this morningTHIRST QUENCHING THURSDAY – Come and join Jayne for Jelly tasting this afternoon – come and see which is your favourite flavour
  • Fri 17th MarchTODAY IS FRUITY FRIDAY AND ALSO ST PATRICKS DAY – COME AND JOIN US FOR OUR THEMED ACTIVITIES TODAY 3pm Come and join us for our special afternoon tea – the usual afternoon tea will be served along with our tropical fruit platter to celebrate Fruity Friday
  • Sat 18th MarchTODAY IS SMOOTHIE SATURDAY 11am Come and join Laura and Volunteer Kay to make and sample a selection of smoothies this morning in the Reception Area6.45pm Come and watch some evening TV in the downstairs lounge area whilst enjoying some popcorn and a Gin and Tonic
  • Sun 19th March6.30pm Come and join us in the downstairs lounge area to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows


  • Rosebery Manor (Signature)
  • To celebrate Nutrition Week our team are delighted to put on the following fun days to help our residents enjoy keeping well fed and hydrated! This is alongside our already extensive thoughtfully planned and hugely varied daily menus!
  • Monday 13th: Head Chef, Chis and his team created a wonderful selection of heavenly smoothie drinks for all to help themselves to in our café. Visitors took away recipes and promised to return to let us know if “they were as good as yours!”
  • Wednesday 15th:  Our annual Nutrition Quiz: we are renowned for our Quiz events and this never fails to pull a crowd. In 2017, apart from a vast array of soft and sparkly drinks of interest we’re including more than a glass or two of Prosecco. Thank you Restaurant Manager, Greg!
  • Friday 17th: Our thoughts turn to summer holidays and summer fun, but how do we ensure we remember to eat the right food stuff and drink the right beverages to keep us well? Today our team at Rosebery Manor have joined forces to create a “tropical delight.” We are bringing in a range of exotic fruits from all over world and will serve them up in a vast range of different fabulous deserts! “Ola!”


  • Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust 
  • A few bits to feedback from here in North Devon! hope its not too late for you to publicise on your website/in your newsletter?Hatchmoor Nursing Home (Torrington) are highlighting Nutrition and Hydration Week by having a daily event involving tasting new foods, themed meals and cooking and tasting foods to promote the importance of eating and drinking.
    Herons’ Lea Residential Home (Wesward Ho!) have extra staff on duty 13th to 19th March to help promote Nutrition and Hydration week. Staff will be walking around offering tempting food and drink to their residents and discussing with them their favourite foods and drinks.
    Ebberley House Residential Care Home (Barnstaple) are planning to introduce various juices, and different tastes to their residents.They also plan to try and encourage our residents to try some tropical fruits, that maybe they have never tasted before. They are still deciding on other foods/drinks and ideas they would like to try.
    As a team (Care Homes Team) we are planning to take bottled water into homes we visit next week (we deliver free training sessions and offer support to care homes in North Devon – in fact one of the training packages we offer is on hydration) to give to the staff and remind them of the importance of hydration.


  • Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has got an event on everyday next week including:MUST is a MUST Monday (visiting ward areas to talk to ward staff about problems they have occurred completing must assessments and problem solving with them)
    Tuck in Tuesday (staff and visitors are trying the new dysphasia menu, competitions and prizes)
    Everything stops for tea Wednesday (speciality teas and cakes given out to all patients, relatives will get tea also for a mini tea party)
    Thirsty Thursday (bottled water will be given out to Staff and visitors promoting hydration, guess the amount of liquid competition to educate about the dangers of guessing fluid loss)
    Back to the floor Friday (Trust leaders are re launching protected meal times assisting with the perfect meal time on the wards)


  • Kettering General Hospital
  • Kettering General Hospital is pledging support for Nutrition and Hydration week. Please see our poster of events.


  • Tai Ibitoye, Nutritionist and Content Creator of Enhlife
  • My name is Tai and I am a Nutritionist. I am interested in being an ambassador for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017. I was one last year and it was great promoting good nutrition ad hydration practice to members of the public.
  • This year I will be creating a series of post through social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter) throughout the week to show why optimal nutrition and keeping self hydrated is important.In addition, I will be organizing an event called Hydration Matters on Thursday 16th within the community where there will be a little talk on how people can increase their fluid intake, there will also be games and refreshments too. Pictures will be provided too!I will surely keep you updated


  • Unicorn Centre Stourbridge
  • We are a local authority day centre for people with profound needs in Amblecote, Stourbridge, West Midlands.
    We are holding a Fruity Friday Event on the 17th of March to raise awareness of nutrition and hydration specifically focusing on dysphagia support needs as so many of our service users have this condition.
    We have professionals such as dieticians, speech and language, dysphagia service and many reps from Nutricia Uk, Wiltshire Farm Foods and other companies who cater for people with higher nutritional needs attending with information and tasters. We are having a social coffee morning with lots of fun things happening , a raffle and a quiz , which will all raise money for our centre.
    There will be a working model of the human body showing a percutaneous endoscopic feed so that people can understand what PEG feeing achieves.
    Thank you for your inspiration.


  • The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
  • We had 120 staff members attend the Nutrition and Hydration Fair on Monday 13 March it was a great success to raise awareness, understanding and positive feedback from all those who attended the all day event.

  • We had 10 x one to one consultations take place with the dietitians and staff members.

  • We had 5 lucky winners from the raffle.

  • Tuesday 14  – senior staff members are helping to serve lunch to inpatients on Coyle ward during the protected mealtime of 12:30-13:30hrs.


  • St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • We are really excited about supporting the week again this year.We are focussing on improvements in all areas and back to the floor in relation to the ward provision to patients but also highlighting that Mealtimes Matter for ALL including staff, visitors and carers.These are our plans and we will be sending in and tweeting all week the amazing events and outcomes.Highlight on Friday will be the ‘Ward of the week’ to see who can make the most positive difference on their ward to improve Nutrition and Hydration.


  • Castlemeadow  Lincoln House
  • Kim Holland, Head of Activities asked us to share their plans with you:
    Monday is Milky Monday …….Milky drinks coffee chocolate available AM and Smoothies PM
    Tuesday ….Tea Tuesday ….Fruit Teas and other Teas available
    Water Wednesday …….thinking about different flavor waters and what water does for us.
    Turbo Thursday …….thinking about different Fortified Snacks.
    Fruity Friday ……..Fruit tasting


  •  Coastal Housing
  • We have a number of things we are planning throughout the week and whilst these are not finalised yet, our current thoughts are:
  • Promoting a healthy breakfast to start the day – we recognise that a lot of people skip what is considered to be the most important meal of the day so based on this, we are thinking of introducing a range of cereals, yoghurts and fruit.
    Healthy eating/snacking – we were thinking of putting out a range of healthy snacks and fruits, (which we would appreciate some help on actually as we are finding that healthy snacks can be quite subjective – ie nuts for example)
    Hydration – we already have cold filtered water taps but to back this up we were going to introduce lemons and limes as well as already having bought all staff water infuser bottles, and an icemaker with the thinking that to keep hydrated doesn’t just mean drinking boring tap water?


  • Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
  • Colleagues at Torbay Hospital have been working with  Bidvest and Wicked Cakes to support their involvement with the Global Tea Party. Read more here


  • Bow Valley College in Calgary
  • Bow Valley College in Calgary is pleased to be participating in events for Nutrition and Hydration Week, which coincides with Nutrition Month in Canada. Our Nutrition Manager Certificate Program, in collaboration with Counselling and Wellness, Student Association, YWCA Childcare Centre, Sodexo and Imagine Health Centre will be engaging in the following:Monday: Big Breakfast – breakfast deal in cafeteriaTuesday: 2:1 water in cafeteriaWednesday: Global Tea Party – tea special in cafeteriaThursday: Thirsty Thursday – lemonade stand served by YMCA Day Care ChildrenFriday: Fruity Friday – fruit menu highlighted in cafeteriaAs well, we will have the following activities:Information table in main concourse outside cafeteria with:- nutrition display (in different languages)- granola bars- activity to complete with draw for fruit basket- pictures with “I will take the fight of food this Nutrition Month” pledge cardI will forward more information and photos after this exciting week concludes.



  • Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust : Heartlands Hospital, Solihull Hospital and Good Hope Hospital
  • This year we will promote:
    Snacks and milky drinks – all wards will be issued with a new poster for their drinks trolleys and a flask for warm milk to encourage wards to offer milky drinks with a snack in between meals.
    Fluid – encouraging everyone who sees a patient to encourage them to have a drink and make sure a drink is left in reach
    Keeping mobile – to keep fit and active the general population should aim for 10,000 steps a day. This is a bit much for hospital patients but we recognise that without encouragement and support our inpatients might hardly move at all. We’ll therefore promote a target of 900 steps a day in hospital (for those who can) and encourage patients to get dressed each day in hospital. This ties in with campaigns on Twitter #900 steps and #endpyjamaparalysis
    Come dine with me events will be held to showcase the patient menus to staff and the public. On each hospital site the public will be able to sample the hospital food.
    Elderly Care – are having a cocktail and canapé afternoon on Tuesday 14th March 2017 we are going to have bingo, Eldersong bingo the cards have song titles rather than numbers and we have a CD where the song (including title) is sung for about 20 seconds, giving the patients enough time to place a counter on the song title on the bingo card. For our canapés we are going to purchase bitesize foods e.g. sausage rolls, mini cocktail sausages, mini quiche, cheese cubes, mini cakes. We are inviting some inpatients/outpatients.
    Cystic Fibrosis – West Midlands Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre will be also serving non alcoholic cocktail’s and canapé’s to their patients during the week.
    For Wednesday 15th March 2017 we are going to have a traditional coffee afternoon (with tea, coffee / cakes and we are going to use the bingo on Ward 30 in the “Joan Whitelaw Reminiscence Room” mostly dementia patients off this ward will be coming.
    Eat Drink Move Display Competition – we will offer a prize for the best ‘Eat Drink Move’ display for a ward on each site.We will also be working with community colleagues to promote similar messages across Solihull community, including a prize for the best ‘Eat Drink Move’ display in a care home.


  • Musgrave Park Hospital, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • Looking forward to another great week here at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust!
    Here are our plans so far:
    · Stand in the Concourse to promote the week .
    · On Tuesday we have The Trust Board lunch where we will be serving the patient choice meals.
    · On the Thursday in the Concourse our Dietitians are promoting “Thirsty Thursday” with free bottled water kindly donated by Nutricia. There will be an interactive water quiz with a prize!
    · On the wards the focus will be on hydration of staff and patients throughout the week with a “guess the fluid in each cup” for staff –best ward to win Hydration Hamper from Nutricia.
    · Also on Thursday in the Concourse we will be offering hot food tastings of our patient food choices to staff and members of the public throughout the lunchtime with food kindly donated by our main patient meal supplier apetito.
    · Finally of course the Global Tea Party for all wards and Catering Outlets is on Wednesday 15th Thank you to Brakes for donating some mini cream scones for our patients. We are especially grateful also to Bidvest Foodservice and The Wicked Cake Company our main sponsor of the Tea Party who have kindly agreed to supply a large selection of cakes for all our patients.


  • Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
  • Colleagues at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board have shared their Nutrition and Hydration Week ‘bundle’ with us. The bundle includes lots of activities including:
  • Global Tea Party –  Wednesday 15th March will see an afternoon tea party celebrated around the world! The BCUHB Catering departments have engaged with the event annually, and each year it becomes bigger and better! This year the Tea Parties will be held on every ward between 2 – 4pm, in every unit across the Health Board. These provide an ideal opportunity to showcase our dedication to improving nutrition and hydration for patients, to patients, their families, loved ones, carers, and staff. It is also the opportunity to launch new initiatives….
  • Wise up on Water! Hydration poster launch – A snapshot audit of hydration awareness on wards during N&H Week 2016 demonstrated some areas of poor knowledge, and also demonstrated the poor hydration status of clinical staff.This poster has already been produced ready for distribution to all areas on Monday 13th, and will be placed in a highly visible spot on the first day of the week! As per the Wise Up on Water campaign, we are dedicated to improving the hydration status of patients AND staff. This poster points out the key messages to ensuring adequate hydration.
  • ‘Quality Check In’ on nutrition and hydration – It is essential that Ward Managers and Matrons are closely involved with the nutrition and hydration needs of their patients. We feel it vital they are ‘checking in’ on N&H on a daily basis to inform accountability, identifying needs for improved quality care and to facilitate change.At present we don’t have a checking in process or system, however 1000 Lives+ have published a core toolkit to facilitate change. This is not intended to be punitive: it is simply an assessment of daily quality.This year we are excited to launch our ‘Quality Check Ins’ in nutrition and hydration! We propose that the ‘Check ins’ will commence with a celebratory visit by a Matron in agreed pilot areas, who will look for areas demonstrating good practice, plus supporting innovative solutions to improvement.Using the 1000 Lives guide, the Improvement Team have developed some prompt questions to use during a ‘ward walk around’ to facilitate action.
  • Power of 3 – A joint launch by Catering, Dietetics and Nursing (‘The 3’), with support from SLT, OT and pharmacy. Working as one, a senior member from each of ‘The 3’ with support from other services (which may vary per site) will observe the ‘last 9 yards’ (or so) of a patient’s meal from the kitchen, to their side, and the mealtime occasion.The process quality will be scrutinized and reviewed. Patients will be asked their opinion of the service and treatment they received.A range of questions will be asked of ward documentation and patients, which will enable the population of a national BAPEN database. This allows benchmarking of quality across the country. As yet, this tool has not been populated by any other Health Board in Wales!
  • Jugs – The current National guidance indicates the need to maintain the ‘blue and red’ lidded jugs, to highlight to staff which patients need assistance. Our audit in 2016  demonstrated poor awareness.
  • Where we go: To promote water changes, we will be working on a range of options to assist in identifying when jugs have been changed and working towards meeting the National Guidance.
  • Pok Oi Hospital, Hong Kong
  • We plan for training workshops, tea party, patient meal satisfaction survey and staff canteen booth during Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017.
  • Lincolnshire NHS CCG Health Protection Team
  • We are looking to actively promote Nutrition and Hydration Week amongst our staff, patients, service users, social media and our 97 GP practices that we look after.
  • Heart of England NHS Trust
  • We will have some canopies (finger foods) and little cake fancies/sausage rolls, anything calorific for our elderly patients
  • We have some recipes for milk/banana based drinks and decorate glasses with umbrellas etc
  • We are going to do a cocktail event (non alcoholic of course) for one of the days, our other days will be tea/coffee/cake.
  • Friends of the Elderly and Triangle Community Services
  • The Friends of the Elderly charitable group will be supporting Nutrition and Hydration week 2017. We have 14 care homes, 8 home care services and a number of voluntary programmes. Our comms team will also be supporting with social media over the week.
  • We now have details of which of our care homes are opening their doors to support Nutrition and Hydration Week. Please see link below for more info:
    We’ll be posting on social media in the lead up next week and also during the week – we’ve teamed up with the British Dietetic Association and will be sharing tips throughout the week. It would be great if you can follow us and retweet/link in where possible.
  • South Gloucestershire Sirona
  • The dietitian in South Gloucestershire Sirona are facilitating 10 training sessions for community nurses (potentially training 200 nurses) on malnutrition screening aimed at raising awareness of timely intervention.
  • Nevill Hall Hospital
  • We at Nevill Hall Hospital Abergavenny will be taking part in the Global Tea Party.
  • Village on the Isle – Florida
  • Thank-you again for including us in Nutrition and Hydration Week.We here in America will participate in daily events throughout the week, including the tea party on March 15th and also a St. Patrick’s Day meal on the 17th. Once plans are finalized a copy will be forwarded.
  • An update from the US
  • This year for National Nutrition and Hydration Week, we in America are doing things a little different. We are going to show our American Pride by having a not so tea party tea party. We will be dumping our tea for coffee. Each day we will be celebrating being an American.
    Monday we will be fishing for prizes. (foods and beverages from the different countries that the staff here comes from). Tuesday will be a coloring contest of the different states we were born in or have traveled to (Most Floridians were not born here, we are truly a state of immigrants in Florida)
    Wednesday is the tea party and we will be symbolically dumping our tea for coffee (it’s what we drink, we all meet for coffee and cake not tea and scones, we will be serving the English clotted cream because we like it) Thursday is a corn hole tournament were we will be throwing tea bags.
    Friday is St Patrick’s Day and since most Americans has some Irish in them somewhere, we will be honoring our Irish roots.Thank-you again for inviting us to participate in the week and the tea party. The staff and Residents here enjoy the activities of the week and also the Friendships the events have made over the years. We are truly proud to be included in the events.
  • Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust
  • Thus the plans so far.
  • 1. Front entrance display with three sections-Theme of the day-General N & H week blurb- Diet of the day
  • 2. 5 of our lovely Dietitians have volunteered to follow a therapeutic diet for the week and raise money for a related chairty to increase our profile and provide publicity for the week. TBC but something like this-Pureed diet – Stroke Association (me)-Gluten Free – Coelliac UK-Renal – Kidney Research-Liquid – Crohn’s and Colitis UK-Clean Diet – MacmillanWe are hopeful Cornwall food will be able to provide some patient meals so we can experience what it is like to be an inpatient and a patient at home. We plan to use the Trusts Facebook and Twitter feeds to blog about our experiences.
  • 3. World afternoon tea – Last years cream teas were great but distribution was tricky. This year we are hoping to get the league of friends on board. Last year I did not think it was all going to come together but it did in the end. But at least we won’t have the added stress of the world record attempt, we were collecting and collating data till 7pm.
  • 4. Staff quiz – we used the daily bulletin and survey monkey to run this.
  • 5. Taste Testing Tuesday – the theme for Tuesday.


  • All Aspects Care Limited
  • I am emailing to let you know our firm plans for the nutrition and hydration week.I have two businesses and one is a domiciliary care business, one is a vintage crockery and party hire business.I am linking up with a local residential home to do a vintage high tea party. I will do a menu for the residents and our staff will all work together to host this event. We will focus on a nutritional menu (ie: beetroot and chocolate cake and courgette cake. Healthy sandwiches and smoothies served in vintage glass wear)We hope this will bring enjoyment and also reminiscence to our target audience whilst promoting nutrition and hydration.I would love to forward you photographs of the event.


  • Sunrise and Gracewell
  • Just to keep you posted we are launching a shaker to the Gracewell sites and reinforcing the importance of hydration for those with dysphagia on thickened fluids2 staff members are also having thickened fluids for 3 days too and publicising this as case studies afterThe week coincides with us holding Taste of Sunrise and Gracewell Events showcasing our foods and celebrating with residents as well as holding open events to invite people in and join in the dining too which combines brilliantly with raising the profile of Nutrition and Hydration.


  • Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • We have a week of activities planned including afternoon tea, nutrition support drinks rounds and a stand in the main entrance. We are hoping to produce a tablecloth for the stand and maybe a large poster/stand.


  • City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
  • Here in CHS, we are making good progress with our plans (based on your suggestions in the newsletter).
    I’ve attached a poster outlining this.
    We are also piloting a new fluid monitoring chart during that week, so it’s going to be a busy one!


  • Fairhavens Hospice, Southend
  • Just to let you know we are planning to follow the theme on each of the five focus days ie Big Breakfast on Monday, Suppertime Snack with fortified snacks and meals on Tuesday, etc etc.Our main event will be a tea party in the day centre where we will invite our day patients as well as our inpatients in the hospice to come and drink tea, eat sandwiches, homemade cakes and scones as well as try smoothies, homemade lemonade etc for those who want it. We are also planning on a piano player to keep our guests entertained.On Fruity Friday we thought it would be fun to offer fruit kebabs and to try some more exotic fruits and on Thirsty Thursday our nutribullet will be overworked with a selection of nutriblasts and smoothies as well as offering some non alcoholic cocktails.


  • Leeds Public Health Team
  • Here in Leeds, OPFM members and other partners have supported the campaign in a number of ways including:
    · Mocktail event to increase hydration
    · Health Events
    · Themed meals “Taste Tests”
    · Information sessions
    · Cooking Sessions
    · Hamper Raffles
    · ………………….to name a few
  • You can read more here  Leeds Nutrition and Hydration Week write up 2017 and how they supported the week


  • East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • At present, the Trust has a variety of actions planned:1. Aligning with NHS England’s new Health & Wellbeing CQUIN scheme for 2016/17, we are currently preparing a ‘model checkout’ which will be placed on display to expose persons to how the food environment can influence our choice and, ideally, be manipulated to support healthier habits (as a converse to recent times and supermarket ‘guilt lanes’).2. A range of educational posters have been drafted for display across all sites (attached for viewing), communicating information pertaining to Western Diets, Mediterranean Diets, Sugar, Saturated Fat, Salt, Fibre and Alcohol & Hydration.3. Apetito, our patient food supplier at Burnley General Hospital, intend to hold a public tasting event once arrangements have been finalised.4. The Speech and Language Therapy team will be promoting hydration for patients with swallowing difficulties. Speech therapists across the Trust will be involved in a thickened fluids challenge for 24 hours on Tuesday 14th March. This will include their morning cup of tea to a glass of their favourite tipple at the end of the day.


  • OCS Healthcare and Education Division
  • We will be promoting Nutrition and Hydration Week in our unit at Avondale and Blackburn,
    Our events will include an afternoon tea day, family Sunday lunch day, a healthy lunch day and a big breakfast day.


  • University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
  • The ISS team at UHCW NHS Trust have shared their plans to Nutrition and Hydration Week. You can see the full programme here These include:
  • 13 March – Menu Monday
  • 14 March – Tasting Tuesday
  • 15 March – Worldwide Wednesday
  • 16 March – Thirsty Thursday
  • 17 March – Finger Food Friday


  • Coastal Housing
  • I am contacting you on behalf of Coastal Housing who are a social housing provider based in Swansea which employs around 240 people and as part of our ‘well-being’ strategy, are planning on promoting the nutrition and hydration week amongst our employees and plan on carrying out a few initiatives aimed for staff throughout the week.


  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • The dietitians and catering team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital have lots of plans for nutrition and hydration week this year…
  • Monday
  • Big Breakfast and Protected Meal Time Monday
    Tray liners going up on lunch trays to all wards highlighting the weeks activities including some colouring in sections and games for the children
    Displays raising awareness of the importance of breakfast (this will continue every day of the week supporting the different themes)
    Promotion of protected meal times
  • Tuesday
    Bedside Snack time
    Selected wards will have extra snacks provided that day
  • Wednesday
    Win an picnic hamper
  • Thursday
    Thirsty Thursday
    Hydration awareness including bracelets reminding you to get in enough water each day
  • Friday
    Fruity Friday
    “Fruit friends” handing out fruit around the hospital and on selected wardsHopefully we’ll get some good pictures out on twitter!!