Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014 Chef Event

On Tuesday 18th of March we held a day of online cooking demonstrations by some of the country’s leading healthcare catering chefs, and we are delighted that the Local Authorities Catering Association (LACA) Chef of Year 2013 is also taking part.

The demonstrations are filmed on location at Premier Food’s kitchens in St Albans and uploaded below.

We have left this resource here for you to share with your staff as a training and information tool as well as a showcase for the skills that can be found in the health and social care sector.


Introduction to Preston Walker

Introduction to Andreas Wigert

Introduction to Corinne Du Preez

Introduction to Louise Wagstaff

Introduction to Jack Raynes

Introduction to James Ball

Afternoon tea with our chefs and guests

Preston’s afternoon update

Corrine’s afternoon update

Andreas’ afternoon update

Jack’s afternoon update

Jack’s challenges

James’ afternoon update

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