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The nation’s No.1 tea brand, enjoyed by nearly 10 million consumers is delighted to announce its headline sponsorship of Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017. The activity aims to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally, focussing on nutrition and hydration across the health and social care sectors. This will include supporting the Nutrition & Hydration Week team in providing strategic advice and support to care homes across the UK.

Read the full press release here


Our friends at Think Kidneys have launched a care home resource which can be accessed at

For more information please read the press release

Colleagues at the Malnutrition Task Force are highlighting some key messages for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017. Find out more here. You can now read Dianne Jeffrey, chair of the Malnutrition Task Force, blog talking about how vital it is to keep to a healthy weight in later life and why getting thinner is not ‘natural’ in later life.

Colleagues at Essex County Council recently shared a great  bulletin from My Home Life – it has lots of tips on nutrition and hydration – read it here we think you will like it.

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