The Nutrition and Hydration Week Team

Derek Johnson

Derek was employed by Leeds City Council as a Principal Catering Manager managing the community meals service and providing catering expertise to the residential and day care establishments for over 25 years. Prior to Leeds, he worked for two other local authorities. He now works as a Partner for Nutrition and Hydration Associates supporting care providers with catering, nutrition and hydration support as well as providing training in these areas.

He has held numerous positions in the NACC, both regionally and nationally including National Chair. He was the Co-ordinator for the review of the industry standard – A Recommended Standard for Community Meals Document, and was the editor in the development of the Menu Planning and Special Diets Manual for Care Homes.

Derek is the lead for care for Nutrition and Hydration Week and has a major role in engaging with overseas colleagues about the week and writing our Nutrition and Hydration Week newsletters.

Andy Jones

Andy is the Past Chair of the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) and Service Development Director, ISS Facility Services, Healthcare Education and Defence. Andy has been a stalwart of patient catering for over 30 years, with the key influence being the delivery of a nutritious and wholesome food and hydration service to all patients at ward level.

Andy’s mantra is to “treat every patient as if he or she is a member of your own family”, and his current focus is to campaign for a patient focused service that is ultimately owned by hospital caterers from ‘field to point of the patient eating/drinking’ thus enhancing the patient’s experience and aiding clinical teams, regardless of their length of stay in hospital and to eradicate malnutrition. When ill, it is about eating for GOOD HEALTH.

His passion for patient’s wellbeing is well documented and has been one of the key leads in the Nutritional and Hydration weeks and currently sits on the Governments led Hospital Food Panel. A member of the cost sector caterers’ top 20 public sector caterers. He is also outspoken on the ‘softer’ issues which are important to patients like the simple things as a water jug, to packaging!

Andy’s main responsibility for Nutrition and Hydration Week is to have mad ideas (which seem to work) – we blame Andy for the World Tea Party!!

Caroline Lecko

Caroline is a nurse by profession and has been working in the area of patient safety within the national patient team for the last 10 years. Caroline is currently working within the Nursing Directorate at NHS Improvement and is currently leads on projects related to nutrition and hydration along with pressure ulcer prevention, falls and discharge.

Since 2006, Caroline has worked on a range of national and international projects to raise awareness of the importance of good nutritional care to prevent avoidable harm to patients and service users.

These projects have included the development of the Hydration Best Practice Tool for Healthcare, the 10 Key Characteristics of Nutritional Care Factsheets, Dysphagia Diet Food Descriptors, the development of the Dysphagia Game, the redesign of the NHS Water Jug and improving food packaging.

Caroline has used her interest in social movement methodology to design and delivered 2 national Nutrition and Hydration Patient Safety focused weeks in 2012 and 2013. Caroline then went on to work in collaboration with the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) and National Association of Care Catering (NACC) on  Nutrition and Hydration Week.

Caroline is an Honorary Patron Member of the Hospital Caterers Association and has been recognised in the top 20 most influential people in public sector catering in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Caroline’s main role for Nutrition and Hydration Week is to be the ‘Boss’ – someone has to keep Derek and Andy in order!!



7 thoughts on “The Nutrition and Hydration Week Team

  1. Hi there, I was looking at your resources for Nutrition and Hydration week and I have noticed that the Nutrition and Hydration Flyer information is dated 2015 not 2016. Do you have a current Nutrition and Hydration flyer that I could use?

    Kind regards

  2. Hello we are holding a taste of Sunrise event at Sunrise senior living in Knowle (B93 9LQ) on the 11th March at 2pm We are doing it apart of Nutrition and Hydration week. Would anyone be available to come and talk at our home to our residents and professionals about the importance of good nutrition and hydration?

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