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Nestlé Health Science is a health-science company engaged in advancing the role of nutritional therapy to change the course of health for consumers, patients and our partners in healthcare. Through investing in innovation and leveraging leading edge science, we bring forward innovative nutritional therapies with proven clinical, health economic value and quality of life benefits.




As champions of the importance of hydration within the healthcare sector, leading beverage brand Tetley is delighted to support Nutrition & Hydration Week 2017 as a headline sponsor.

Inadequate nutrition and hydration can have serious effects on the elderly and infirm, as many functions that are fundamental in protecting and conserving the body rely on sufficient water intake.

A refreshing cup of Tetley is an effective way for elderly care home residents to hydrate, with a range of Tetley’s products well-suited to the care sector, including decaffeinated and fruit and herbal blends.

Furthermore, with their 180 years of heritage, a refreshing cup of Tetley tea can provide a familiar comfort for residents, carers and visitors alike within the care home environment. So what are you waiting for; start serving up hydrating Tetley tea now! www.tetleyteaacademy.co.uk.




Preventing avoidable dehydration and malnutrition caused by inadequate basic care is a global challenge. The Simple Measures social enterprise company offers a much needed, fresh and simple approach to this age-old problem.

The company has a mission to ensure everyone has the correct level of support to drink and eat according to their individual needs, with dignity and compassion; to prevent human suffering and escalating financial costs caused by avoidable dehydration

The Simple Measures “Reliance On a Carer “(ROC) based system, developed by the Founder, addresses the unmet need for a Simple and universal assessment tool for risk of dehydration.

For more information go to http://www.simplemeasures.co.uk