Worldwide Afternoon Tea

Date for the Nutrition and Hydration Week Global Tea Party for 2017 – 15th March 2017

Wednesday 15th March 2017 will see an afternoon tea celebrated around the world!

Afternoon tea will be served in health and social care settings, promoting the week, the work your organisation does every day and showing how to improve nutritional intake.

We are encouraging everyone to take part in supporting this event no matter how large or smaller your organisation, the number of afternoon teas you serve may vary but every one of them indicates YOUR commitment to improving nutritional care.

If you are having a tea party during Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017, please tweet photos to us @NHWeek and use the hashtag #NHW2017.

World Record attempt update

As you know we have been waiting for Guinness World Records (GWR) to come back to us with an update for the World Record attempts.

Sadly they have now notified us that they are unable to ratify the multi-site world record.

Apparently you need to have an official Guinness World Record auditor (costs a fortune!!) to ratify the numbers if they are over 5,000 and whilst we know you all love a Tea Party we are not sure that anyone could have imaged that we would be presenting evidence for 10,632 tea parties happening around the world.

Whilst we are disappointed about not ‘officially’ breaking the GWR you can definitely be extremely proud of participating in an event that made a real difference to thousands of people across the globe.

Now given that the previous world record stood at a mere 690 we believe that you are all ‘unofficial’ record breakers and thank everyone who took part and submitted all of their information. We also thank everyone who held a tea party but did not shout about it.

We know that some organisations submitted applications for the single site world and we would love to hear if you have been successful or not in this world record attempt. We absolutely want to acknowledge everyone’s participation in this event.