Worldwide Afternoon Tea

16th  March 2016

Resources are now available which provide advice for taking part in the Multi-site World Record Tea Party

Wednesday 16th March 2016 will see an afternoon tea celebrated around the world!

Afternoon tea will be served in health and social care settings, promoting the week, the work your organisation does every day and showing how to improve nutritional intake.

We are encouraging everyone to take part in supporting this event no matter how large or smaller your organisation, the number of afternoon teas you serve may vary but every one of them indicates YOUR commitment to improving nutritional care.

Get involved

We are delighted that so many people are getting involved in our World Record Challenge.

Thank you, you have made the Guinness records people sit up already! They have been in contact with us….

You have blown away the Guinness Record people with the number of entries to attempt to break or join in with the World Record in March, they did not think they would get so many official applications to break the world record. We advised that applications to for the multi-site attempt should now stop.

If you have already applied we have been asked to inform you to change your application to a single site attempt where this is possible if you had a single site aiming for 700 or more afternoon teas.  Guinness Records have now left it to us ……Caroline, Andy & Derek,  to collate all your attempts in to one multi-site entry, such is your interest in the attempt they had to change their advice to us, which we then shared with you!

However, we will recognise your attempts to break the multi-site record as an organisation and whoever has the largest number of sites, and the largest number of tea parties, we will be highlighting your own “record breaking” efforts.

In the next few weeks we will draft a proforma that will have to be emailed to us so we can collate all the numbers etc after March 16th.

Sorry for any confusion but your support and interest in promoting good nutrition and hydration has just blown away the official world record body.

You are all magnificent!

Thank you to the following organisations:


  • St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust
  • Chapel Lodge Care Centre
  • Jersey – College, care homes and hospital
  • Northumbria  Healthcare
  • Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust
  • Wigan Borough Council
  • Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
  • Compass Healthcare
  • Quantum Care
  • Elizabeth Finn Homes

Around the world

  • Chartwell Retirement Residences – Canada
  • Portuguese Dietetic Association  – Portugal
  • Monash Health – Australia
  • Village on the Isle retirement community – US
  • Lifeview Residential care – Australia
  • Chatham Ontario – Canada

You could be a record breaker

Did you know the world record for an afternoon tea is 569 served in one place and only 667 on a multi site?

We think you can beat that!!! Go on have a go……

Here’s a quick summary

The record we think you should apply for is the ‘Largest cream team party’. This is the links to these records:

In world record terms a cream tea is a drink, preferably hot, a scone, jam and cream

If you are thinking of making an attempt, you will need to read the guidelines on how to achieve the record.

In order to get the guidelines, you will need to make an application. Next steps as follows:

  • Create an account on the website
  • Log on to your account on our website and select ‘apply for a record’
  • Fill in your details and search for the record you’d like to break/suggest a new title at the bottom of   the page
  • Follow the on screen instructions until you come to choose the application service you would like (details below)

To apply to break a record is FREE (standard application) but, depending on your budget and what you’d like to achieve from the event, there are some additional/alternative options:

  • FAST-TRACK: This option will speed up your application response time to just 3 working days and just 3 days to review your evidence, as opposed to 6-12 weeks on a standard, free application. The cost for this is £450+VAT. To proceed with a Fast Track application right now, visit:

You will receive guidelines (rules) once you have made your application, which detail everything required of you in order for us to verify your attempt.

There are a series of Bespoke Services:

Standard and fast track application are both self-adjudicated, but if you need a more personalised service; Guinness World Records do offer further bespoke, paid-for solutions.

Creating our own Official World Record

There currently isn’t a multi national world record i.e. cream teas served in five or more countries for the same event on the same day. If you are interested in helping us create this record, please drop us a line at ; ; or


If you are having a tea party during Nutrition and Hydration Week 2016 , please tweet photos to us @NHWeek and use the hashtag #NHW2016.