Global Tea Party

Wednesday 13th
of March 2024

The highlight of every Nutrition and Hydration Week is the Global Tea Party which takes place on Wednesday.

On this day we invite all of our community taking part in Nutrition and Hydration Week to hold tea parties in their organisations.

Not only does is show your commitment to nutritional care, and help to people improve nutritional intake for your patients and customers, but its also a great way to bring people together and create some joy and fun. To help you plan, we have loads of recipes on our resources page as well as invitation, menu and place card templates. We’d love it if you could share photos of your tea parties on social media using the hashtag #NHWeek and tweeting them to us @NHWeek.

Competition Time…..

This year we are running a competition in conjunction with Love British Food who are supporting the week and will focus on recipes using local produce.

The competition has 3 classes that teams can showcase there culinary skills, creativity and innovation, with a bit of fun built in – with the aim of leaving long-term legacies and inspiration for ALL

Class One

Produce a traditional afternoon tea consisting of Sandwiches, Scones and cakes.

They all must be made using British Products only.

At least one sandwich and cake must be suitable for Vegans.

Class Two

Produce a traditional afternoon tea consisting of Sandwiches, Scones, and cakes.

They all must be to The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) stage 4 (Pureed)

Class Three

Produce an Allergen free traditional afternoon tea consisting of Sandwiches, Scones and cakes

ALL items must meet the 14 ALLERGENS  as defined by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

At least one sandwich and cake must be suitable for Vegans.

Judges Criteria

  • Compliance to each class requirements
  • Balanced recipes
  • Budget of £4.00 per head or other countries currency equivalent
  • Innovational ideas and presentation
  • To Have FUN

The three founders of the week – Caroline Lecko, Andy Jones and Derek Johnson – are excited at this new competition.

Andy Jones added “The Wednesday is a global focus through that most British of institutions an Afternoon Tea, this appears to grab our colleagues overseas to join us in sharing and promoting good nutrition and hydration in health and social care around the globe, whilst having a bit of fun and providing a novel experience for the people they care for. The competition will in class 1 show the commitment to our great British farmers and producers. The other classes show that everyone can enjoy an afternoon regardless of what their dietary requirements are. My aim is for the teams to have fun, with a serious message that afternoon tea is great way of improving Nutrition and Hydration without barriers. My wish is for tea rooms, hotels, cafes to take the lead from Healthcare and Social Care and offer them on their menus so family and friends can all enjoy.

Alexia Robinson stated “Andy Jones is one of Love British Food’s most passionate supporters.  Including a focus on the ingredients of a traditional afternoon tea is a superb way of celebrating British food in this year’s Nutrition & Hydration Week.  The flour to make the scones, the butter and the cream, jams made with fruit that is in season, even the milk in the tea…I hope NHS catering teams across the country will embrace the opportunity to highlight the British farmers and producers who supply them; and be creative in telling patients about where their delicious tea comes from.” Alexia Robinson, Director and Founder, Love British Food

Closing date for the teams to submit the recipes and photos is 11th March 2024 by email to

Contacts for more details:

Andy Jones  – email-  Mobile – 07754515565


Past Global Tea Parties

In the past we have seen tea parties take place in countries all over the world!

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